Natural Tour in Tuscany - One of the easiest and interesting hiking in Tuscany. A peaceful countryside and many point of interest along the trail.
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Natural Tour in Tuscany, Alpi Apuane natural park and best easy trail on foot.
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Baratti between Etruscan graves and the rocky seaside is one of the most beautiful hiking of Tuscany. It's not so hard and let you visit the most ancient ruins and graves of Etruscan people in Tuscany. The seaside here is rich of Mediterranean species and history and nature are mixing continuously in the landscape.
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Natural Tour in Tuscany, Hiking in the Chianti countryside is one the best activity could be done in Tuscany. It's easy to reach, quite easy to do and close to many tavern suitable for wine tasting. Here one the most famous and good wine is produced and exported all over the world. It's the "Gallo Nero".
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The trail in this geothermic area begin with a short but a bit steep rise. We are immediately surrounded by fumaroles, boiling water puddles, emissions of steam and sulphuric gas. The group will be catapulted in a very uncommon world made of red nude soil, white clouds of steam and green trees of oaks, pines and bushes.
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The Hiking on the Vandelli Road is an interesting jump in the past. The route is close to the natural park of the Alpi Apuane between Massa and Vagli di Sopra.
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The hiking on the Monte Matanna and Monte Forato is a very particular walking on the mountain area of Alpi Apuane, in the province of Lucca. It consist of a full day excursion on the rocky and green mountain of Garfagnana. Beautiful views on the top of the mountains, interesting species and trails are the main goal of this hiking.
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The Fairy tale road (Via della Fiaba) is a circular route that link Pescia to Collodi toward an ancient stone made road. It's a quite easy hike dedicated to Pinocchio's tale.
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Let's visit one the most interesting natural area of Tuscany: the Massaciuccoli Lake. Find oun many species and visit the ruins of the Roman Villa.
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The ring route is located in the Regional Park of Alpi Apuane, famous and important for its marble extraction activities and for its naturalistic aspects of considerable interest. The walk is interesting and enjoyable with beautiful views. In the park it’s easy to see goats, mouflon, golden eagle, peregrin falcon and chough (symbol of the park).
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This trail follows the arches of the ancient aqueduct built by Ferdinando de Medici. It's one of the most huge and interesting infrastructure of Pisa.
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This trail follow the arches of the ancient Nottolini's aqueduct, one of the most huge and interesting infrastructure of Lucca.It consist of 460 arches from the beautiful city of Lucca to the mountains where there were 18 extra pure sources of water.
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This trail is the best way to dive completely inside the landscape of Leonardo da Vinci. Here the countryside maintain and keep a traditional way to lead and preserve the landscape, with dry stone wall, natural terraces among vineyards and olive groves.
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One of the most interesting trail in Valdinievole. Very close to Montecatini Terme with some product tasting possibilities along the route.
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Monsummano Alto hill is a hot-spot of biodiversity. The trail rise the hill to the very top where there is the middle age village. The it descent through the Mediterranean scrub and ancient quarries.
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This trail link the hill called Poggio alla Guardia, a wild hill surrounded by woodland and olive groves, to the hill of Montecatili Alto. Along the trail the group can observe flora and fauna of the hill and visit the legendary small bridge supposed to be the place where Dante Alighieri had a rest during the war against Florence.
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Natural Tour in Tuscany, Hiking in Tuscany is the best way.

Monsummano Alto and its ruins
One of the Medieval gate of Monsummano Alto in Valdinievole

The best way to do Natural Tour in Tuscany and to visit medieval villages, Natural Tour in Tuscany, natural trail and to practice birdwatching in natural and seminatural environment is hiking with a local guide.

A qualified Environmental Guide will bring you on safe trails in order to show you native species, heritage and curiosity of the territory. Tuscany is the main area where we work, but all the territory is in our range. Walking and hiking is the easiest way to keep in touch with the ground and to appreciate all is surrounding you. You can smell the scent of the Mediterranean flowers and watch the aerial evolutions of peregrine falcon catching its prey. You nose will move up and down from the small animal of the soil to the top predator of the alimentary chain. During Natural Tour in Tuscany we provide explanations on nature and history will give your trip the best turn.

A certain number of well tested trails are ready just now, but we can design new ones according to your specific request. We have experience with Italian and foreign groups, Italian and English speaker.

Groups of no more than 25 persons are perfect for Natural Tour in Tuscany, but bigger groups will be managed with more than one guide. It is the best way to pledge safety and serenity.
You can visit the facebook page and serch for events or you can go to this page of this website for further information.

Right equipment avoid regrettable surprise
Hiking with the right equipment is basic.

What you need

During hiking every persons needs long trousers, hat, hiking boot and a bag with water, k-way, personal documents (ID card, passport, blood group, etc.).
Our hiking are usually easy and everybody can do them, but sometime we encounter groups with some person with walking problems.

We really don't know why it could happen, but we would like nobody have trouble during our hiking. In order to prevent setback to the entire group we always recommend to people with some doubts to evaluate with close friends and (if possible) the guide, to correctly evaluate the physical capability to face walking of 2-3 or more hours (depending on the day program). We all like to be well and to walk enjoying it.

Nobody have to demonstrate nothing to nobody.

We don't manage challenges.

How are our hiking

Packed lunch in Chianti
Our guest eating the lunch during a trail in Chianti

Usually our hiking are 2, 3 or more hour long, but we stop quite often in order to observe animal, give flowers explanation or to understand something about history and buildings. The ideal hiking start between 7:00 and 9:00 depending on the destination trail. The group have packed lunch and a bag with a personal bottle of water and all everyone needs.  Our guides give some information about the environment and the kind of path the group is going to deal with. During the trail the guides give explanations on nature and history. At about 12.00 or 13.00 the group have a break in good quite place (a grassland, a panoramic view or on the seaside) to eat the lunch. At the end or during the trail could be a wine tasting or an "extra visit" depending on the group request.

Here some of our best hiking in Tuscany:

  • Montecarlo hills and its countryside.
  • Colle, Buggiano and Cessana mills.
  • Greve in Chianti, Uzzano and sweet hills of wine.
  • Alpi Apuane natural park and Campocatino village.
  • Baratti between Etruscan graves and the rocky seaside.
  • Pietramarina and Vinci
  • Vandelli road


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