Hiking in Tuscany – Baratti between Etruscan graves and the rocky seaside

This wonderful hiking is near Baratti between Etruscan graves and the rocky seaside. The trail we propose need about 4 hours to complete the ring route. It’s quite easy, but some short rising parts need to be made with the right physical shape.

Hiking in Tuscany - Etruscan grave
Etruscan grave

How we usually organize this day

The group need a bus to cover distances between the hotel and the hiking starting point.

We usually start from Populonia, and the trail start descending toward the coast. The woodland here is very dense and shadowy. In just 30 minutes we reach the seaside visiting also some hidden Etruscan graves. Here history and nature are constantly mixing in a very interesting landscape. The tourist guide will explain historical and naturalistic aspects.

The holly oaks woodland leave space to the Mediterranean scrub vegetation and rapidly only few and very specialized plant can be found. The coast present particular shapes due to wind and salty aerosol erosion.

Hiking in Tuscany

Here the trail include two different shores where usually the group eat the packed lunch or swim in this wonderful sea.

After that we walk rising the hill again in the fresh shadow of the woodland reaching the ruins of the ancient monastery of San Quirico (1100 d.c.). Here the trade of iron coming from the Elba island was controlled partially by the religious persons both with other kind of trades due to the presence of important harbours.

Hiking in TuscanyThe last part of the trail is quite flat and return to the starting point.


Due to the very close presence of the archaeological park of Baratti and Populonia we advice to visit it. Our guided tour will finish in the first part of the afternoon and your group will have time enough to visit the park.

Otherwise a very nice and comfortable beach in Baratti is perfect for relax and get a tan or swim in the sea.

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Baratti between Etruscan graves and the rocky seaside is one of the most beautiful hiking of Tuscany. It's not so hard and let you visit the most ancient ruins and graves of Etruscan people in Tuscany. The seaside here is rich of Mediterranean species and history and nature are mixing continuously in the landscape.