Hike Vinci – Vinci’s landscape

This trail is the best way to dive completely inside the landscape of Leonardo da Vinci. Here the countryside maintain and keep a traditional way to lead and preserve the landscape, with dry stone wall, natural terraces among vineyards and olive groves. But our trail don’t stops here. We love to show ancient mills in small valleys where a particular micro-climate let many species of trees and plants to grow. A luxuriant woodland let to face this trail both during the hot Mediterranean summers and in the winter.

How we usually organize the day during the Hike near Vinci.

We usually ask to be ready in the morning in order to start walking around 9.00-9.30. We explain how will be the path, where are going to and how hard it will be (this trail is quite easy) and what we need to face the trail. When we are ready the hiking tour begin. The first part of the trail rise the hill on a regular road with few traffic. Then we enter in the woodland visiting ancient abandoned mills enveloped in the vegetation. Then we reach an ancient traditional vineyard with dry stone wall and then we come back to Vinci.

Packed lunch and extra visit

The best solution for the hiking is to have a packed lunch but, if the group prefer, we can organize something different like a regular lunch in a restaurant. After the trail the group can visit Vinci and one or more museum dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci.

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