Hike Pisa – The Pisa’s aqueduct

Hike Pisa – This trail follows the arches of the ancient aqueduct built by Ferdinando de Medici. It’s one of the most huge and interesting infrastructure of Pisa.

It consist of 954 arches from the small town of Asciano to the wonderful city of Pisa. On the hill near Asciano, many sources of water gave the precious liquid to Pisa. The aqueduct is about 5,7 Km long and is surrounded by wonderful landscape.

We usually guide our group along the arches from Asciano to Pisa, but sometimes we guide groups in the opposite direction mainly if they are arranged in Pisa. From Asciano other trails are possible.

How we usually organize the day during the Hike near Pisa

We usually ask to be ready in the morning in order to start walking around 9.00-9.30. We explain how will be the path, where are going to and how hard it will be (this trail is quite easy) and what we need to face the trail. When we are ready the hiking tour begin.

Packed lunch and extra visit

The best solution for the hiking is to have a packed lunch but, if the group prefer, we can organize something different like a regular lunch in a restaurant. After the trail the group can visit Pisa or can move to Lucca (about 40 minutes by bus).

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