Dante’s bridge Hiking in Tuscany – Poggio alla Guardia

The hike near the Dante’s bridge on the Poggio alla Guardia is a very nice tour in Valdinievole. Poggio alla Guardia is an uninhabited hill close to Montecatini Alto. The trail will start near the countryside and will rise the hill entering inside the woodland. During the Spiring many interesting flowers bloom in the olive grove and birds songs will teach us about their presence. For this hiking the packed lunch is more versatile and could be eaten also during the trail. The trail usually need about 3 hours to be completed.

How is the trail near the Dante’s bridge

The first part of the trail is on the Poggio alla Guardia hill, rise the slope. Old building linked to the old quarries are still present here and speaks about the ancient way to produce the cement. Then we abandon the woodland and we enter in the countryside with olive grove, vineyard and gardens. After the top of the trail we begin to descent and we will visit the “Bridge of Dante Alighieri” where the legend tells about a strange episode of the highest poet. After that we are close to the arrival.

The trail is quite easy, but there are two-three hard rise to do.

What to do after the hiking

After the hike you can visit one of the may farm of the territory in order to taste products like olive oil and wine. You can also visit one of the ancient villages close like Montecatini Alto, Monsummano Alto, Marliana, Buggiano etc.