An amazing road bike tour in the land were Pinocchio was born from the mind of Carlo Collodi in 1883. Pescia, Collodi, Montecarlo, Buggiano, Colle, Massa are the main villages that will be visited.
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Hill perfect for cycling tour by mountain bike. It’s a hotspot of biodiversity and and a good place for cycling tour by mountain-bike.
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Cycling in Tuscany

Cycling in Tuscany
An active holiday cycling is the best to find out many wonderful places of Tuscany in few days.

Cycling in Tuscany with a local guide is the best way to optimize your energy and your free time in Tuscany. In a short time you can cover long distance and visit many villages, town, natural site and heritage. If you like an active kind of vacation, if you love to stay in the open air and to live moving and enjoying yourself, cycling is probably the right answer.

Our guides can lead your group by mountain-bike and by road-bike as well.

road bike in Tuscany
By road bike you can cover many chilometres in Tuscany with low effert.

Beautiful trails by bicycle are in Valdinievole, Chianti and Tuscany. Many different kind of landscape offer the possibility to be visited by two main king of bicycle. While mountain-bike is more suitable for natural trail, the road-bike is better for longer trails that link town or villages. You also obviously need a good physic shape and you must know what a bicycle tour actually is. Follow this ling to test your ability.


How are our trails

Like you surely know an off-road vehicle is suitable for mountain and dirty road but is too slow and fuel hungry on regular road or on the motorway. In this case a city car or a race car is better, faster and cheaper. At the same way a mountain bike allows to be more strictly in touch with nature and to visit naturalistic areas along dirty road. A packed lunch is the optimal solution to avoid lost of time during the day.

Road bike tours don't allow you to go in dirty road, but let you cover long distance and visit many villages in countryside regural road, on hills and flatland.

We can also advice some bike rental in order to give you the possibility to leave you bicycle at home and have a lighter voyage. Like in hiking trails the bicycle tours are not challenges and many stops will be done during the trails to have rests and to explain nature and historical issues. Our tour are designed to be pleasant an interesting, a good way to find out the territory. We don't manage race or physical demonstration. The slower person will define the stride.

Environmental guide by mountain bike
Natural trail by cycling in Tuscany

Here some of our best tours:

  • Monsummano Alto and Montalbano by Mountain-Bike
  • Fucecchio marshes tour by road-bike.
  • Medieval villages of Valdinievole by road-bike
  • Valleriana tour by road-bike
  • Massa, Croci and Montecatini Alto by mountain-bike.




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