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Between Pinocchio and Middle Age villages by road bike – Biking in Tuscany

This guided tour in Tuscany is an amazing road bike tour in the land were Pinocchio was born from the mind of Carlo Collodi in 1883. Pescia, Collodi, Montecarlo, Buggiano, Colle, Massa are the main villages that will be visited. Up and down on the wonderful hills of Tuscany. The road bike is the perfect instrument to have an active and cultural vacation in the open air. The route is about 54 km and needs the group be with the right physical shape.

tuscany bike tours

How long is the trail

This beautiful guided tour in Tuscany is about 54 km long. It takes about 4 hours including stops for explanations, for take water from drinking fountains and some little rests. If the group start at 09.00 AM need to bring a packed lunch or ask us to manage a reservation in a restaurant with typical food or tasting. In this case case the group could arrive at the starting point at 14.00 or later. Along the trail there are some drinking fountains with good water, but everyone should have a small bottle of personal water.

The afternoon is free for the group and can be used to visit some museum or other extras.

tuscany bike toursWhat we will visit

Massa is a small village of Middle Age period. Narrow roads, panoramic views, the ancient palace of the city council and many woodland all around. After an almost flat countryside road we will reach Colle. Colle is a small village with original gate and a beautiful square with the church, the bell tower and a fantastic panorama on the valley.

After Colle we reach Buggiano, with its fortress, its ancient palaces and hoses, stone paved road and many villas with fantastic gardens. Here in Buggiano gardens are rich of citrus tree due the particular climate and exposure toward South.

Then, after a descent and a rise,  the group will visit Collodi, a very particular village, all made of stones and with very steep roads. Here Pinocchio was born by Carlo Collodi in 1883. We will visit the Middle Age village on the hill and then the valley village where there are the Pinocchio park and Villa Garzoni with their majestic gardens.

San Gennaro is the next village. Its church is one the most ancient of the area. The village is surrounded by olive grooves and vineyard. We are close to Montecarlo, famouse for its wines and, indeed, it’s the next stop-over.

Montecarlo was founded by the people lived in Vivinaia, a Middle Age village that lived on the wine trading. Florentine army destroyed the small town in the 1331. People of Vivinaia built up a new village on the top of the hill and the king Charles IV gives help to Lucca and to the citizens. Due to his magnanimity the new village was called Montecarlo that meas “Mountain of Carlo, of Charles”.

This guided tour in Tuscany finish visiting the external part of the ancient church of San Piero that controlled the area from VIII century or, probably, before.

A short video shows you some images of this very interesting trail.

If you like it and you want to do it with your group, contact us.


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