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The staff of is actually a team of local tourist guides specialized in natural trails, hiking and cycling.

The founding member of is Andrea Innocenti. Here his own presentation.

I’m a Nature lover and Environmental Guide. I studied Natural Science in Florence for 6 years and I have a Mater’s Degree in Nature Conservation and Management. Since 2009 I guide Italian and foreign groups in natural and semi-natural trails. Montecatini Terme is my town and my main territory is the wonderful region of Tuscany. I worked with environmentalist associations writing projects for new parks. The Research Centre of Fucecchio Marshes ask for my collaboration in guiding groups or writing study on local issues.

In 2017 I published a book on history and nature of Valdinievole, the territory between Lucca and Florence where I live.

The book is in Italian, but I’m working at the English translation. I hope to finish soon.

Here you can find more information about my book.

My fovourite hiking is the Sasso Pisano trail, where many steam emissions come out from the ground in a natural contest very uncommon. But I like a lot also trails on Alpi Apuane, on the hills near Montecarlo, and the one near the seaside of Populonia.

One of the reason why I like Tuscany is its mixture of history and nature that intertwine strictly together in wonderful landscapes.

I like sunny weather and hiking during spring and summer season with people who like nature like me. Contact us for further information.



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