Our mission is to show our guest the wonderful nature of Tuscany.

Walking people in Tuscany, the best way to get the mission
Hiking in Tuscany. Chianti area is the perfect place where to walk and have wine tasting.

What is the mission of HiKing Tuscany?

Usually tourist guides show environmental aspect on common trails. The path is sometimes too much “touristi” (not authentic, not linked to the territory). Sometimes  it is monotonous (inside a landscape that doesn’t present variations).

Our guides select very particular trails that give you the possibility to understand the complexity of the territory, its history, its connection with local people, with activities and natural resources fully getting the mission. We give our guests a different point of view among biology, geology and history. We will show you the seaside, the mountains and the countryside. You will visit Valdinievole, Chianti, Alpi Apuane, Populonia areas and many other parts of Tuscany. Explanations on plants and animals, geological wonders and ancient villages surrounded by nature.

Our mission is to give you a different point of view during a safety and interesting trail in Tuscany.

Typical product tasting getting the mission
A tavern. One of our group during a wine and typical product tasting.

How we get the mission

We constantly keep in touch with restaurants, farms, agritourism, taverns and wine cooperatives, in order to give you the possibility to put inside our trails (or at the end) a wine tasting, a typical product tasting or a guided visit to farm or other activity strictly connected to the territory.

Our groups appreciate very much this kind of approach to the nature and this way to find out Tuscany, far from chaotic city, in the open air and inside the nature during an healthy active visit.

Naturally nobody prevent you from insert one or more “natural day” into your Italian holiday. We organize full day and half day trails. We think that Montecatini Terme (near Pistoia) is a perfect place where to find a good accommodation and a good place where to start your trips in the morning. Montecatini Terme is a quite town with many green parks, hotels and good restaurants. Close to Montecatini Terme there are also many B&B and agritoursim. The town is perfectly in the middle between Florence and Pisa. Lucca and Pistoia are very close and the motorway will give you the possibility to reach many parts of Tuscany in less than two hours.

But this is just ad advice and our guides can go to take your group anywhere in Tuscany.

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